God! I’m soooooo happy with this one! :)


God! I’m soooooo happy with this one! :)

Am I the only one who thinks that next season Snow and Charming are going to hire a nanny, who’s going to be Mary Poppins: only in a plot twist she’s actually Cinderella’s wicked stepmother who is actually the Black Fairy and bent on obtaining the Charmings baby for nefarious purposes. Oh, and she’ll also be like Charming’s mother’s sister so that she’ll end up being related to Henry somehow.


If you don’t like Monty Python you’re wrong

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Of all those at the high table, only Sansa Stark was not smiling. He could have loved her for that, but if truth be told the Stark girl’s eyes were far away, as if she had not even seen the ludicrous riders loping toward her.


OMG, I just noticed that he grabs her hand.

Things I must do now:
Get the DJ at my friend’s wedding to play The Rains of Castamere.
Watch for the panic to set in for ‘those in the know’
Enjoy the fallout
Remember to send G.R.R. Martin a thank you note for that

Hear that low, distant cheer? Yeah, that’s the GOT fandom.






This is important because reasons.

i am screaming

You know, today was suppose to be good day.  It’s OUAT day, after all.  It also looks to be a great episode tonight.  Instead, all that’s been going on all day is drama.  Really, guys?  This is why other fandoms won’t play with us.